The school has a full- fledged library with a separate reading room. The library has a total collection of Two Thousand books relating to Higher Secondary (Science, Arts & Commerce).  A few leading dailies, magazines & journals are also subscribed by the library

The school has got spacious and well equipped Science Laboratories- Physics Lab, Biology Lab, and Chemistry Lab with modern day technology, which provides a great experience in developing necessary skills for study and research.

The school has a large auditorium on the terrace accommodating 1,000 people.  The auditorium has a big space with rows of seats and typically a stage used for performances as well as public gatherings or meetings.

Various types of hygienically prepared food and snacks are available in the school canteen. Every day, our school kitchen staff makes fresh meals. The team not only provides a variety of healthful, nutritious, and delicious snacks and meals for everyone, but it also caters to students’ dietary needs.

The school has a parking lot at the basement inside campus. The parking area is being supervised by the security guards. There is enough parking space for Nexte visitors at the site, as well as a secure and convenient way to go to the facility after parking.

The school provides transportation facilities for its students. Nexte maintains its own collection of school buses that are intended to meet regulations and are operated by qualified drivers. In addition to ensuring that safety standards are followed, all bus personnel are thoroughly prepared in first aid and emergency management.